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Our mission and objective is to centralise on a single platform, all useful information in the ICT industry in Switzerland with a focus on Events. Dedicated to any person or organization active in this field, we list events & webinars, Jobsites, IT associations and specialised media in the Swiss ICT market.
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Each year, numerous thought leaders from the worlds of research, industry, business, tech and science shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life.
Le SINDEX est le plus grand salon suisse en matière d’automatisation industrielle. Le thème conducteur du SINDEX 2021 sera « le dialogue au service de l’innovation ». Le principal rendez-vous de la branche présente les tendances, les innovations et les...
Salon professionnel suisse pour les infrastructures de communication Attirant des professionnels venus de toute la Suisse, le Com-Ex est l’événement spécialisé le plus important dans son domaine. Sa réalisation simultanée avec le SINDEX crée des synergies supplémentaires: les entreprises exposant...
Digital is a major source of opportunities for the Industry & Manufacturing sectors. This deep transformation takes on as many faces as business contexts! Through feedback from small to large companies, from our partners and market experts, we are thrilled...