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13 October 2022
How to deploy and operate a secured, flexible and sustainable Cloud Managed Network Platform in 60 minutes. Today’s business environments are constantly evolving. Organizations are adopting cloud-first, or even cloud-only strategies for new applications, creating demand for a next-generation network....
20 October 2022
8h00 is a conference aiming to share knowledge, to develop leadership skills, to deepen the expertise in the cybersecurity field, and to discover innovative cyber-defense solutions to protect your assets. The conference gives you a great opportunity to meet your...
27 October 2022
Development banks play an important role in providing stable funding to emerging nations and financing large infrastructure projects that might otherwise be too expensive for a developing economy. They focus on countries’ specific needs and have various financing mechanisms to...
Data Platforms & Data Infrastructure It is sometimes challenging to make the right choices to get the most out of data. The options are numerous and the choice becomes even more complex in a context of fast-paced development and innovation....