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We are a non-profit group based in Geneva, Switzerland. We like to discuss about any topic related to CyberSecurity. We count on a group of 700+ members and we created this platform to allow our members to have a more...
Die Schweizer Kader Organisation SKO setzt sich ein für die Interessen der Führungskräfte und allen, die beruflich weiterkommen wollen. Hier finden Sie die Übersicht aller Vorteile und Leistungen für Mitglieder.
The Swiss Risk Association (SRA) is a non-profit organisation and open forum for risk management and financial engineering. Through events, discussions and knowledge transfer, the SRA strengthens Switzerland’s position as a financial competence centre.
Swiss Cyber Forum is a unique community between individuals and organizations from the academic world, the public authorities and the private sector to join forces in the fight against cybercrime, established in Zurich in 2019.